Independence Day Practice

WARMUP:  400 choice


4 X 25 with fins   Each 25 starts and finishes in the middle of the pool, and you are swimming entirely in the deep end.  DO NOT TOUCH THE BOTTOM at any time during the set.


 8 X 25 your choice within your lane.  Anything goes.

MAIN SET:  900/1800

Lane 1:  Cut all the distances in half, but otherwise do the set as described.  

All lanes:  You’ve got 2 kinds of descend going on in this set.  Try to go a bit faster on each of the 200s as the set progresses.  Also, try to descend time within each group of the 100s.  The 200s are choice of stroke and equipment (you can also kick them), but do the same thing on each 200 and try to get everyone in your lane doing the same thing.   The 100s are also choice of stroke or IM and choice of equipment   On the 100s, you can switch stroke/equipment from segment to segment.   Rest interval throughout should be 20 to 30 seconds. 

1 X 200

4 X 100

1 X 200

3 X 100

1 X 200

2 X 100

1 X 200

1 X 100