HEY… Happy New Year.

Skipped yesterday, but most people did, so I don’t feel so bad. it was some holiday, can’t remember what it was, but… whatever.

My brother and his family is still in town, so I skipped out early again. This is so cool that I don’t get yelled at by my coach for being LAZY!

1000 warm up – did my usual, or a mix there-of.

6 x 75 – pull, kick, swim on 1:10
This was done by 25, so I didn’t use my usual board on the kick. Really, really, thinking about what I do to my momentum when I draw my legs up to kick. Dave has really taught me a lot about the breaststroke kick. so much to think about trying to overcome my instinc for a HUGE kick.

5 x 200
1 easy – 3:10
2 150 easy 50 fast – 3:00
3 100 easy 100 fast – 2:50
4 50 easy 150 fast – 2:40
5 200 fast – 2:30
I TRIED to go through this set swimming all the fast parts breaststroke. Seemed like it should be pretty easy, but man am I out of shape. I got to the last 200, and I was still breathing pretty heavy from the 150 fast breaststroke. So I bagged the 1st 50, and rejoined swimming freestyle. Prior to that though, the stroke felt pretty good. Really thinking about keeping my hands higher on my recovery, and keeping the kick sneaking up.

100 kick – easy – just tried to work down to 7 kicks per lap.

4 x 150
1 easy – 2:15
2 100 easy 50 fast – 2:05
3 50 easy 100 fast – 1:55
4 150 fast – 1:45
Same as the set before, and this time, I focused on the 50 and 100 breast, and planned on doing the final 150 free.

200 kick – same as the other kick. I just concentrated on getting down to 7 kicks per lap, finishing each kick to a point, and riding it out.

5 x 100 IM’s – 1:35, 1:30, 1:25, 1:20, 1:15
Felt good. For some reason, my backstroke feels better than anything else. I’ve been trying to place my hands wider on the entry, and think about popping the opposite shoulder to initiate the recovery. Hey… don’t get me wrong, my backstroke still isn’t that good, but it feels good. Maybe it’s just the oxygen.

150 kick – same thing, only this time, I was climbing out afterwards, so I also used it as a swim down.