Swimming Set of the Week #2 — October 14, 2008

 Here’s an alternate to set #1 — for the mortals among us.

This set calls for a Tempo Trainer on the back and free segments.  If you don’t have a TT, just do these two segments as descend segments.

16 X 25 with fins on :30 sendoff
Do these as four times through:
#1: FL/BR combo (alternate 1 stroke FL/1 stroke BR)
#2: Dolphin kick on your back with both arms up in the air (fingers point to the ceiling)
#3: 3 strokes FL –> FR
#4: Dolphin kick on your back, rotating through all positions — front, side, back

5 X 100 BK with Tempo Trainer (TT) on approx. :25 RI
#1: Use this 100 to dial in a nice easy cadence with the TT
#2: Use the TT setting you established in #1
#3:  Increase cadence by :05
#4:  Increase cadence by another :05
#5:  Increase cadence by another :05  (This one won’t be pretty; just keep to the beep.)

8 X 50 breast (25 drill + 25 swim) on approx. :20 RI
Odds:  Drill is body-dolphin breast
Evens:  Drill is breast with an extra kick

4 X 100 plus 2 X 50 freestyle with Tempo Trainer
1st 100:  Use this 100 to dial in a nice easy cadence with the TT
2nd 100:  Use the TT setting you established in #1
3rd 100:  Increase cadence by :05
4th 100:  Increase cadence by another :05
1st 50:  Increase cadence by another :05
2nd 50:  Go back to your original TT setting, but try to equal your time on the 1st 50.