01/27/04 CCB Masters T-15s and 400 IMs

01/27/04 CCB Masters T-15s and 400 IMs

This is T-15 week, so I tried to create a practice that would build in difficulty. Those who don’t do the T-15 will swim the entire practice. Those who do swim the T-15 will do just the first few rounds of the practice — the EZ rounds.

With fins or without.
400 choice.

MAIN SET: 2000
Entire set is with fins.
Swim 5 rounds of 400 “IM.”
Each 400 is a continuous swim, using the following pattern.

On each round, you will be substituting a drill for FL, BK, and BR. The drills change on each round as shown below. The drills increase in complexity until you are swimming whole stroke on the final round. The freestyle is always whole-stroke freestyle. Take about 30 seconds rest between each 400.

The point is that you are switching repeatedly from short axis to long axis, then finishing with a 100 freestyle. Try to find your groove as quickly as possibly when you switch from one “stroke” to another. Being able to switch easily from stroke to stroke is one of the keys to a fast IM.

1st Round:
FL = Head-Lead Body Dolphin
BK = Head-Lead Active
BR = Head-Lead Body Dolphin on Your Back

2nd Round:
FL = Hand-Lead Body Dolphin
BK = 6-Count Backstroke
BR = Hand-Lead Body Dolphin on Your Back

3rd Round:
FL = Stoneskipper (Skimmers)
BK = 2L/2R Backstroke
BR = Hand-Lead Body Dolphin on Your Back

4th Round:
FL = Alternate one cycle fly and one cycle breast (start with fly)
BK = Alternate 4 strokes back and 3 strokes free
BR = Alternate one cycle breast and one cycle fly (start with breast)

5th Round:
FL = Fly
BK = Back
BR = Body-Dolphin Breast

200 EZ your choice

Total Yardage: 2600