Swimming Set of the Week – March 3, 2009

 Here’s a simple butterfly set that mixes drilling and swimming.  It lets you develop your fly technique without getting exhausted.  It’s a good set for the end of warmup and before the main set.    Multiple rounds make it a bit tougher.   

8 X 25 with fins on :30 sendoff
#1:  Fly/Breast Combo (alternate one stroke fly/one stroke breast)
#2:  Start with one cycle of 2L/2R fly, then switch to whole-stroke fly to finish the length
#3:  Karla Drill (alternate one stroke left-arm fly/one stroke right-arm fly/2 strokes breast without a breath)
#4:  2L/2R fly, switch to whole-stroke fly
#5:  3 strokes fly, then switch to freestyle
#6:  2L/2R fly, switch to whole-stroke fly
#7:  Dolphin kick on your back with arms straight up in the air
#8:  Dolphin kick on your back