Swimming Set of the Week – March 10, 2009

The swimming set this week combines fins and paddles for a stroke-count set that works breath control and cadence control.

4 X 100 freestyle with fins and paddles on :20-:25 RI
Count your strokes on the first length and then reduce the count by one stroke on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th lengths.  E.g., if you take 14 strokes on the first length, you go 14…13…12…11.  Try to hold the same pattern on each 100.  

8 X 50 freestyle with fins and paddles on :20 RI 
Hold same time throughout.  Extend and rotate.
#1:  Highest stroke count from the 4 X 100 (e.g., 14 strokes per length)
#2:  One less stroke per length (e.g., 13)
#3:  Take off another stroke (e.g., 12)
#4:  Take off another stroke (e.g., 11)
#5-8:  Repeat 1-4.