Swimming Set of the Week – March 17, 2009

 Here’s a swim set of the week that’s fun (because it’s relays), that demands speed (no team wants to lose), and helps the swimmers practice their relay takeoffs.  

Divide the swimmers into evenly matched teams of three.  The teams race each other, doing a 200 medley relay.  The lead swimmer has to swim twice (backstroke leg and freestyle leg).    

Take about 60 seconds rest.  

Race another 200 medley, continuing the order of the swimmers where you left off from the first relay, i.e., the person who swam breaststroke in the first race now leads off with backstroke (and also swims the freestyle leg).  Swimmers must stay in their original order!

Take about 60 seconds rest.

Race another 200 medley.  This time, the original butterflier will swim backstroke and freestyle.

Take a break, and go through another round of 3 X 200 medley relay.  Or…use the same idea but do 3 X 200 freestyle relay.