Swimming Set of the Week – July 24, 2009

 Two sets this week.  One is a drill-progression set for backstroke.  The other is a kick-progression set for breaststroke.  It’s important to keep your focus on the drills and to carry the feeling of the drills (or kicks) into your length of whole-stroke swimming.

Backstroke Set:
5 X 100 on a sendoff that gives 15-20 seconds rest  (fins optional)
Each 100 is swum as:
25   2 Left/2 Right Backstroke  (focus on showing your shoulders as you rotate and thumb-first hand exit)
25   Wave Backstroke  (focus on clean and quick hand exit, thumb first)
25   Mid-Air Catch-Up Backstroke (focus on clean, quick hand exit and a deep pull)
25   Backstroke, up tempo   (focus on clean, quick hand exit)

Breaststroke Set:
5 X 100 on a sendoff that gives 15-20 seconds rest
Each 100 is swum as:
25  alternating single-leg breaststroke kick.  Start with 4 kicks left leg, then 4 kicks right leg, 3 kicks left, 3 kicks right, 2 kicks left, 2 kicks right, finish the length with 1 left/1 right
25 eggbeater kick with arms extended and thumbs locked together
25 flutter kick on your stomach with arms extended (minimize your hand sculls)
25 breaststroke, focus on keeping the legs extended as you draw the hips forward to set up for the kick