Swimming Set of the Week – July 17, 2009

 This week we have another fun kick set for the breaststrokers.   It will help you develop quickness and coordination in your feet and ankles.  Adding the length of flutter kick will (as in Glenn’s set last week) help you establish a longer "legline" for your breaststroke kick.  

10 X 100 on a sendoff that gives 15 to 20 seconds rest
Each 100 is swum as:
Single-Leg Breaststroke (use your own version, or use 3L/3R…2L/2R…1L/1R)
Eggbeater Kick, either on your back or on your stomach 
25 flutter kick on your stomach with arms extended
25 up-tempo breaststroke, focus on keeping the legs long and feet together during the "draw"