Swimming Set of the Week – July 24, 2009

This set really IS the set of the week… it got multiple thumbs up this week from the Masters team that I coach.   

It’s actually two short sets.  The first is involves swimming with fists.  The second is a fartlek or speed-play set.  

SET #1:  600 meters/yards
8 X 75 Back/Breast/Free
on a sendoff that gives approximately 25 seconds rest.
Count your total strokes on the first 75 (or get separate counts on each stroke).
#1-4 use fistgloves or hold a piece of Styrofoam noodle in each hand.  Reduce your total stroke count by 1 stroke on each 75.  

#5-8 swim with naked hands and keep reducing your total stroke count by 1 stroke on each 75
For example, you might be 55 strokes on the first 75.  Your counts on the rest of the set would be:
#1:  55 strokes
#2:  54 
#3:  53
#4:  52
#5:  51 (this might be 48, 49, or 50, in which case you keep reducing from that count)
#6:  50
#7:  49
#8:  48

SET #2:  1000 meters/yards
8 X 100 choice

The easy lengths should be very aerobic, at a recovery pace.  The FAST lengths should be FAST, which means 85-90% effort.  Rest interval on the first four 100s is approx. 25 seconds.  You might want a little more rest on the second four 100s.   It’s OK to swim one stroke (e.g., fly or breast) on the FAST 25s and other strokes on the easy 25s.  It’s also OK to finish was a fast 100 IM at the end.   This is Masters, after all… lots of choice on how to accomplish the set 🙂
#1:  last 25 is FAST
#2:  3rd 25 is FAST
#3:  2nd 25 is FAST
#4:  1st 25 is FAST
#5:  last 50 is FAST
#6:  middle 50 is FAST
#7:  first 50 is FAST
Take an extra 60 seconds rest, then…
#8:  full 100 is FAST (time it!)