Swimming Set of the Week – September 11, 2009

Here’s a subtle way to introduce some speedwork.

If you’re a runner, you may have done fartlek or "speedplay" as part of your training.    On a typical fartlek run, you might cover 5 to 8 miles at an easy pace, with short bursts of speed thrown in every quarter mile or so.   This set uses the same idea.  

16 X 25 on a sendoff that gives 15 to 20 seconds rest 
Alternate 3 X 25 easy swimming @ max distance per stroke and 1 X 25 controlled SPRINT holding good form

8 X 100 choice (but not IM), on a sendoff that gives 20-25 seconds rest
The easy lengths should be very easy and aerobic.  The FAST lengths should be at 85 to 90% effort.  Try to build into the FAST lengths by accelerating slightly from the flags into the wall just before each fast length.  
#1:  last 25 is FAST
#2:  3rd 25 is FAST
#3:  2nd 25 is FAST
#4:  1st 25 is FAST
#5:  last 50 is FAST
#6:  middle 50 is FAST
#7:  first 50 is FAST
Take an extra 30 seconds rest
#8:  full 100 is FAST (time it!)

100 easy pull as recovery

1 X 50 choice (fins optional); build to FAST on the entire 50.  You should be building speed and accelerating from the flags INTO and OUT OF the turn.

2 X 25 choice (fins optional) with a turn.  Build each 25 to RACE PACE.  Accelerate into the turn.