Swimming Set of the Week – September 25, 2009

This set is good if you’re trying to taper your whole group, but have some swimmers trying to hone their 200 pace and others trying to hone their 100 pace.  There’s something for everyone in this set.   Coaches:  Help your swimmers get their times and push off at the correct time.

The goal of the set is to swim even-paced 200s on the first part of the set and even-paced 100s on the second part.  This takes concentration and the ability to know how fast you’re going.  It also requires that you hold back a bit at the beginning of each swim (or at least monitor your energy expenditure).    Each 200 or 100 is choice of stroke or choice of kick.  Follow the same pacing guidelines regardless of whether you’re swimming or kicking.

5 X 200 as follows:
Swim a 50 and get your time; rest 10 seconds.
Swim a 100 and make it double your 50 time; rest 10 seconds.
Swim a 50 and try to do your original 50 time.
Rest 30 to 60 seconds before you start the next 200.

8 X 25 pull recovery, breathing every 4; make your exhale last as long as the 4 strokes.

5 X 100 as follows:
Swim a 25…
Swim a 50…
Swim a 25. 
1st and 2nd 100:  Rest 10 seconds between swims and approx. 1 minute between 100s.
3rd and 4th 100:  Rest 20 seconds between swims and approx. 1 minute between 100s.
5th 100:  Rest 30 seconds between swims.
Make each 100 faster than the previous 100.