Quick practice this morning as I had to get my car into the shop! We all have excuses sometimes:

600 warm-up
200 free, followed by a 200 breaststroke, working on loosening up the legs from the 10,000 the other day, 200 free

16 x 50 on :50
IM order down, Freestyle back. I like these sets, very easy and I can work on my strokes without dying.

10 x 100 on 1:20
Actually worked on adding a couple strokes per length over the usual. I found that it was pretty easy to hold around 1:10’s without killing myself, as long as I continued to allow my right arm to grab the water almost immediately rather than extending too far forward. The glide seems to be really hindering my times simply because it takes too much strength to maintain the speed at the lower stroke count.

That was it. Had to get the car in so they can fix whatever that little light that says “check engine” means. I figured out the “low fuel” one means.