Swim Question of the Week – November 11, 2009

I got a very interesting email yesterday from a coaching friend, and let’s come together and offer some suggestions and ideas.  I’d imagine nothing too radical is out of the question… this is a radical situation, so get creative for the kids:

"We recently lost our pool (it closed). It was the only indoor, regulation pool in a four county area. In order to finish the winter season, we have to swim in a residential pool. It is 13 yards long, two lanes wide, with stairs covering the middle half of one end. Do you have any suggestions to how or what I should do during practice. Obviously, turn work is going to be important. We have split the team into 4 practice groups and are going to swim three times a week. Do you know of any other coaches that have had a similar experience? Any help or suggestions you can give me would be greatly appreciated."