Swimming Set of the Week – January 8, 2010

The twist on this IM set is that you’re using a different piece of equipment (or no equipment) on every swim.  This should take your mind off the fact that you’re doing 500 yards/meters of butterfly.  Have fun.  

1 X 400 IM no fins 

1 X 400 IM with fins (alternate drill/swim by 25 in each stroke)

1 X 300 IM with pull buoy (Wear the pull buoy for the entire 300. You can kick during fly, back, and breast; no kick during freestyle.)

1 X 300 IM no fins

1 X 200 IM with fins

1 X 200 IM with pull buoy (same instructions as above)

1 X 100 IM no fins

1 X 100 IM with fins

Total:  2000 yards/meters