Swimming Set of the Week – January 22, 2010

 This week’s set is 9 X 200 with lots of rest, which means it’s quality yardage.

Because of the generous amount of rest between each 200, this is a good set to do with a group of mixed-speed swimmers.  Everyone can start their swims at the same time.  The slowest swimmers in the group might want to wear fins.   Performance will be "enhanced" if Coach can record everyone’s times on a whiteboard or chalkboard so that the swimmers can see if they’re descending time within each set of 200s. 

Swim three rounds of the following.  It’s your choice of freestyle, stroke or IM (or even a combination of stroke/free by 25), but you should do the same thing for an entire round because:  Your goal is to descend your total swimming time for the 200s in each round.  Think of each round as three 200s, and not as one 200, two 100s, and four 50s.    

1 X 200 continuous swim (get your time!)  A good sendoff to use is 4:40 (for scy).

1 X 200 broken for exactly 20 seconds at the 100.  Subtract 20 seconds to get your "swimming time" and it should be faster than your time for the straight 200.  A good sendoff to use is 4:50.

1 X 200 broken for exactly 10 seconds after each 50.  Subtract 30 seconds to get your swimming time, and it should be faster tan your time for the previous 200.  A good sendoff to use is 5:00.

Total Yardage:  1800