Swimming Set of the Week – March 5, 2010

Kick set this week.  Bring your board.

This set got the most groans from my Masters group this week, but by the time they finished the set, it was their favorite of the week.

First, a short set to warm up the legs after warmup and before the main set:
8 X 25 on :35
Each 25 starts with 10-12 flutter kicks on your stomach with arms in "Position 11."  Then 5 strokes of freestyle using a 6-beat kick.  Then 10 flutter kicks in Position 11, then freestyle with a 6-beat kick.  Make sure your bodyline is nice and flat when you’re in Position 11.

MAIN SET:  1350
Throughout the set, you can combine two types of kick, but be consistent.  E.g., each 50 of kick could be 25 flutter + 25 breaststroke kick… or 25 dolphin + 25 flutter.   If you do this, then you should alternate the same two strokes on the swims.

4 X 50 kick (choice) on a sendoff that gives approximately 20 seconds rest; descend #3 & #4

4 X 100 swim same stroke(s) as kick; keep these in your WHITE ZONE, which means very easy aerobic and relaxed; approx. :20 rest interval

3 X 50 same kick as before; take :05 off your sendoff; descend #3 

4 X 75 swim same stroke as kick; keep these in your PINK ZONE, which means still aerobic but a little more effort; approx. :25 rest interval

2 X 50 same kick as before; take another :05 off your sendoff; descend 1-2

2 X 50 swim same stroke as kick; these are in RED ZONE, which means at or slightly above anaerobic threshold; take at least 30 seconds rest interval

60 seconds extra rest

1 X 50 same kick as before for TIME!   Burn your legs!

60 seconds extra rest

1 X 50 swim for TIME!

Finish with a pull set.