Backstroke – Backwards Board Kick

Kicking backwards while holding a board is a great drill for working your abs and thighs, essential muscles for butterfly and for dolphin kick off the walls for backstroke.

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Why Do It:
This drill can show you how your legs connect through your abs for a great underwater dolphin.  The more you connect your core to your kick, the faster you’ll be.

How to Do It:
 Start on your back, head out of the water looking back at the board.  Hold the board as if you’re reading a book and LOOK directly at the board.
2.  Do your best to kick UP enough so that you create turbulence on the surface of the water; the more the better.
3.  After a few lengths of reading the book, hold the board lengthwise like a shark fin.  
4.  As before, keep your eyes on the board and do your best to keep the legs kicking up and strong.

How to Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):
The more you do this, the more tired you’ll get.   If you see that you’re no longer creating turbulence on the surface, maybe it’s time to take a little break.  Maintain the feet kicking high and you’ll get a great workout through your abs and thighs.