Swimming Set of the Week – May 21, 2010

IM set this week, with plenty of chances to work on butterfly arm recovery, back/breast transition turns.

Sendoffs are for Masters short-course meters.  

Swim at least 3 rounds of the following (each round is 500m).  There are no breaks within the round, but you may take an extra 30-40 seconds rest between rounds.  Descend time throughout the set on the freestyle 100s.

4 X 25 Karla drill on :40

3 X 50 (25 back + 25 breast) on 1:10

2 X 75 (fly/back/breast…back/breast/free) on 1:40

1 X 100 freestyle

Don’t know what "Karla" drill is?  Pick up a copy of Go Swim Breaststroke Drills with Staciana Stitts & Dave Denniston for a full demonstration of this GREAT breaststroke/butterfly drill, along with demos of 23 other breaststroke drills to improve your kick, pull, timing, and body position.