Swimming Set of the Week – June 25, 2010

Here’s a short, quick set that combines stroke-counting and speed.   It works well on the day before a meet, when you don’t want to do too much, but want to know that your engines are firing and that you can generate easy speed.  It also requires that you pay attention to your pushoffs, streamlines, breakouts, and finishes.

Total:  300 yards or meters

4 X 25 on :40 or :45 sendoff (work/rest ratio of 1:2 or 1:3)
#1:  Max distance per stroke (count your strokes)
#2:  Add 1 stroke
#3:  Add 1 more stroke
#4:  Add 1 more stroke (and check your time for the 25)

100 easy recovery

4 X 25 on :40 or :45 sendoff, holding your time the same, even as you take fewer strokes
#1:  Use your highest stroke count from before (and get your time)
#2:  Subtract 1 stroke 
#3:  Subtract 1 more stroke
#4:  Subtract 1 more stroke