Good workout this morning, really had to pace myself to make sure I held my strokes together.

600 Warm-up
200 free, 200 pull, 100 breast, 100 free

8 x 50 on 1:00
25 kick, 25 swim. I knew there was an IM set coming, so I kicked this underwater breaststroke, coming up twice for air.

400 IM on 7:00
8 x 50 – 50 fly, 50 free on :50
The main problem, of course, was simply the 100 fly. I just made sure I trusted the motion of the body, and didn’t try to pull or kick too hard. Felt fine, and swam pretty well. Same on the 50’s. No problem at all here.

400 IM on 6:30
8 x 50 – 50 back, 50 free on :50
A little more tired here on the fly, but again, trust in the body, NOT the arms and legs. Went a little faster and felt pretty good.

400 IM on 6:30
8 x 50 – 50 breast, 50 free on 1:00
Now the fly really started to hurt on the last lap, but I tried to make sure I wasn’t coming up too high, or gliding too long. Really trust the rhythm. Backstroke started to hurt on this one too, and of course, breaststroke was mainly an air problem. Staying underwater almost halfway on the pullouts gets pretty tough at this point.

Since this was going to be my last thing, I decided to decend the 50’s breast. Felt pretty good, and again, really thought more about the body. Got the last one down to a :32 from a push, which after all this fly, is ok, but I know I can go much faster, so it was good.