Swimming Set of the Week – October 8, 2010

 This week’s set provides opportunities to bring the team together by having everyone go on the same sendoff.  The drill/kick set is a good chance to get everyone focusing on the same technique points.  The main set brings everyone together, but provides challenges for sprinters and distances swimmers alike.

For additional drill ideas, pick up one or more of these Go Swim videos:
Go Swim All Strokes with Kaitlin Sandeno & Erik Vendt
Go Swim Breaststroke Drills with Staciana Stitts & Dave Denniston
Go Swim All Strokes with Eric Shanteau

WARMUP:  400 easy choice

Don’t use a sendoff on these 50s!  Coach needs a chance after each 50 to talk to everyone and give feedback on the drilling.  Then everyone goes again at the same time.

16 X 50 with fins (each 50 is 25 drill + 25 kick)
Drill = 3 kicks + 1 pull butterfly; focus on timing and placing a second kick as the hands are about to exit.
Kick = dolphin kick on your back
Drill = 12.5 yards/meters of backstroke spin drill + 12.5 backstroke
Kick = flutter kick on your back
Drill = 3 dolphins + 1 pull breaststroke; focus on keeping face in the water during the final press, then fast hands on the pull.
Kick = dolphin kick on your back
Drill = Freestyle breathe every 6 and focus on moving the head on a straight track down the pool
Kick = flutter kick on your back

MAIN SET:  1400
7 swims on 3:00 sendoff; choice of stroke & equipment.  Everyone will go on the 3:00 and you must make the sendoff!
If you can swim (and want to swim) 200+ yards/meters and make the sendoff, go for it.
If you can swim 175 and make the sendoff, swim 175.
If you can swim 150 and make the sendoff, swim 150.
If you want to SPRINT a 50 or 100 on 3:00, that’s OK.  Go for it.
Choices are endless, so long as you make the sendoff.