Swimming Set of the Week – October 22, 2010

Four short kick sets this week.  

First, get the leg muscles warmed up with an easy 200 kick on your back, cycling through 6 dolphin kicks, 6 flutter kicks, and 3 breaststroke kicks.  Then….

Five rounds:
1 X 25 dolphin kick on your back on :40 or :45 sendoff; start with 4-5 fast underwater dolphins; finish with above-water dolphins
1 X 75 freestyle with a 6-beat kick on approx. :20 RI.  Descend time 1-5.

8 X 50 on 1:00 with fins and Tempo Trainer at its lowest setting (:20, which is 5 beeps per second)
First 25 is flutter kick on your back, matching the TT.  One kick per beep.  Second 25 is easy dolphin kick on your back; ignore the TT.
If you don’t have a Tempo Trainer, the flutter kick should be CRAZY FAST, using a small, super-fast kick.

8 X 50 breaststroke kick with a board on a sendoff that gives approx. 15 seconds rest.  Focus on FAST FEET on the turn.  Get your feet on and off the wall as quickly as possible.

4 X 100 freestyle with fins on approx. 25 seconds rest.  Count strokes on 1st length.  Take off one stroke each subsequent length of the 100.  E.g., if you take 15 strokes on the first length, you should take 14 strokes the 2nd length, 13 on the 3rd length and 12 strokes on the 4th length.  Try to keep the same pattern on each 100.

4 X 50 freestyle with fins.  First 50 is at your highest stroke count for both lengths.  Second 50, take off one stroke.  Etc., until your final 50 is at your lowest stroke count from the set of 100s.  Try to hold your time the same, even as you’re taking fewer strokes.