Mini Set for Working Underwater Dolphins

If you go backwards when you try to do dolphin kick on your back, here’s a mini set that helps you get a feel for what you need to do to move FORWARD.  

By adding a little momentum with a breaststroke kick, you can develop your dolphin skills…and your dolphin muscles.  And you won’t go backwards!

6 X 100 with NO FINS and no sendoff
Odd 100s are kicking on your back as follows, with arms in streamline:
1st 25 = alternate 1 breaststroke kick and 1 dolphin kick
2nd 25 = alternate 1 breaststroke kick and 2 dolphin kicks
3rd 25 = alternate 1 breaststroke kick and 3 dolphin kicks
4th 25 = alternate 1 breaststroke kick and 4 dolphin kicks
Focus on making a smooth transition between the two types of kick.  Make sure the toes are breaking the surface of the water on your dolphin kicks.  

Even 100s are freestyle, as follows:
1st 25 = Add 1 underwater dolphin kick as you push off the wall
2nd 25 = Add 2 underwater dolphin kicks
3rd 25 = Add 3 underwater dolphin kicks
4th 25 = Add 4 underwater dolphin kicks
Make the kicks tight and quick, and maintain breath control so that you can segue from dolphins to flutter kick as you break out.