Main Set Wednesday – November 18, 2010

LOTS of arm use this morning… yes, that means pulling.

While this may not have been the main set for everyone, when you decide to really focus and work on something, ANY set can become your main set.

400 freestyle pull working on a smooth catch.  Basically that means that there’s no delay between the extension and the catch.
 – I used the Finis Freestyle Snorkel for this, and I’m really starting to like this.  I didn’t as much before, but I think my head is finally in the right position.
300 scull – Long course sculling with no paddles = SORE biceps and forearms.  I still had the snorkel on, so I could really focus on the movements of the arms.
400 non-freestyle pull – I went to the 1st 200 with the snorkel on focusing on just the pull, then took it off and for the 2nd 200 thought about when to lift the head to air.  It’s incredible how much you forget when you’re tired.

Arms dead after that because the effort level was pretty high through the entire swim.