02/25/04 Breaststroke 20-Yard Pool Practice

02/25/04 Breaststroke 20-Yard Pool Practice

With fistgloves and fins.
600 alternating 40 freestyle or freestyle drill with 40 backstroke or backstroke drill

MAIN SET #1: 2100
Swim 3 rounds of the following:
200 breaststroke kick without a board, changing position on each 20 (UW breast kick, hand-lead on back, hand-lead on stomach, head-lead on back, hand-lead on back)
4 X 120, alternating 20 UW Breast with Dolphin Kick with 20 Body Dolphin Breast
Take approx. 10 bobs as recovery between the 120s.

Round #1:
With fistgloves and fins on the 120s.

Round #2:
With fins and nekked hands on the 120s.

Round #3:
With fins and paddles on the 120s.

Focus on these rounds was getting my hands out of the water during the recovery.

80 EZ recovery at the end of the set.

MAIN SET #2: 200
5 X 40 breaststroke with swim tether. Take approx. 10 bobs recovery between 40s. Some improvement today. First time I tried this last week, I took 10 and 11 strokes against the tether and 9 or 10 strokes with the tether. Today I was 8-9 against and 8 with.

200 breaststroke with a board, focus on getting the hips up on each kick.
20 “star jumps” (I keep getting cramps in my thighs when I start off the blocks in races, so I want to practice some explosive jumping. For the star jumps, I went in the shallow end and jumped as high as I could, twenty times in a row with no pause.
100 EZ swimdown

Total Yardage: 3200