Main Set Friday – February 18, 2011

Sometimes the shortest sets can teach you the most about where you are.

Rather than a big build up, here’s the set:

Sorta Main Set (long course meters):
• 10 x 50 on 1:00 – descend the odds, evens easy

It’s very important when you start sets like this that you have a goal for the last one.  From that point, back up to the first one by adding a set number of seconds.  One way would be to say your goal is :35 for the last fast 50.  If you plan on descending through the set as defined by the coach, start the first one at :43, then plan on dropping :02 seconds on each 50.  Being able to control your speed like this shows you’ve got a good feel for your stroke and your speed.  This will come in very handy in races that require pace.