Main Set Monday – February 21, 2011

IM set this morning, which was tough because my shoulders were pretty sore.  Sometimes you just have to get through it.

Main Set (short course yards):
• 3 x 100 on 1:30 – 75 fly, 25 back
• 1 x 400 on 6:00 – 100 IM followed by 300 free
• 3 x 100 on 1:30 – 75 back, 25 breast
• 1 x 400 on 6:00 – 200 IM followed by 200 free
• 3 x 100 on 1:30 – 75 breast, 25 free
• 1 x 400 on 6:00 – 300 IM followed by 100 free

It was a lot of fly when the shoulders are hurting, so I have to admit, I did a bit of fly free on the 75’s fly and the 300 IM.  I felt it was pointless for me to struggle through with incredibly poor form, so I had to adjust.  In time I’ll get there… I just haven’t swum any fly during my recent training (as in no fly for the past 30 years), so I have to build into it.  The toughest interval were the 100’s back/breast and I thought we may have to adjust for a bit more rest when we got to the 75 breast 25 free, but compared to the back/breast, I was about :05 seconds faster on each one.  Considering my breaststroke is faster than my backstroke, and my freestyle is faster than my breaststroke… guess that made a lot of sense. 🙂  Yeah… breaststrokers are a bit weird.