02/26/04 Breaststroke 250s with Equipment

02/26/04 Breaststroke 250s with Equipment

With fins.
600 yards alternating 25 of a short-axis drill and 25 of a long-axis drill. I started with basic head-lead drills and progressed to more complicated drills.

MAIN SET: 1500
Swim three rounds of the following:

250 “breaststroke” with fins. Start with Body-Dolphin Breast on the first 25. On the second 25, take two strokes between pulses. On the third 25, take three strokes between pulses. Etc., up to ten strokes between pulses on the 10th 25.

250 “breaststroke” without fins. Same stroke pattern as above.

Round #1: Wear fistgloves on both 250s.
Round #2: Nekked hands on both 250s.
Round #3: Wear paddles on both 250s.

What I like about this practice is that you have to change and adjust your body rhythm on each 25. Every length will feel a little different because of the different equipment and the different pulsing patterns. My focus was to try to keep a feeling of flow, no matter what rhythm I was using.

With a board.
Kick 5 X 50 breaststroke kick on approx. 1:20 sendoff. Except that, before I started each 50 (from the shallow end), I did 5 JUMP-UPS. Just crouch in the water and spring UP as high as you can. Don’t pause between the jumps.

200 EZ

Total Yardage: 2500