Swimming Set of the Week – May 13, 2011

The generous sendoffs make this week’s set a good choice for speedwork or taper.   Make sure you go FAST when you’re supposed to go fast…and EASY (but not sloppy) when you’re supposed to go easy.

Sendoffs are for SCY.
Total Yardage:  3500

WARMUP:  1000
400 easy swimming, then:
4 X (3 X 50) on 1:00 sendoff; choice by round of three 50s
1st 50 = 25 kick/25 drill
2nd 50 = all swim, easy
3rd 50 = 25 easy/25 build

MAIN SET  2250
3 X 150 freestyle on 3:00 sendoff; rotate a fast 50 through the 150s.  (E.g., #1 first 50 is fast; #2 middle 50 is fast; #3 last 50 is fast.)  All else is easy.

4 X 100 IM on 2:00 sendoff; rotate a fast 25 through the 100s, IM order.  All else is smooth and easy.

4 X 75 on 2:00 sendoff; choice by 75; start each 75 from a dive.  Each 75 is 25 build/25 fast/25 easy. Focus on building speed into and through the first turn.

100 easy recovery

6 X 50 choice
Odd 50s are race pace from a dive.  Get your time, then push off and do an easy 50.  Total sendoff for two 50s is approximately 2:15.

8 X 25 choice
Odd 25s are race pace from a push.  Get your time, then push off and do an easy 25.  Total sendoff for two 25s is approximately 1:10.

4 X 125 double-up IM on 2:30 sendoff.  The doubled stroke is 25 drill/25 swim; otherwise, easy pace with precise swimming and precise turns.