Swimming Set of the Week – May 27, 2011

This week’s set, like Glenn’s kick set from May 25, 2011, demands close attention to effort and pace…and the ability to do math in your head while swimming.

This was the favorite set of the week with our Masters team, and it was given by our assistant coach, Nicola.    At first glance, it looks like a bunch of long, timed swims.  But if you pay attention to what the set asks you to do,  and work hard at reading the clock and figuring out your split times while swimming, it becomes a great test of your ability to know your pace.   Most swimmers will complete at least 1650 during the set, which makes it a good training set for an international-distance triathlon swim.

Coach will need to blow a whistle to mark the end of each timed swim.  After each swim, depending where you end up, swim an easy 50-100 yards as recovery before starting the next timed swim.

11-minute swim (start easy; pick up your pace every 200)
50-100 easy recovery

9-minute swim (start mellow; pick up the pace every 100)
50-100 easy recovery

7-minute swim (start moderate; pick up the pace every 50)
50-100 easy recovery

3-minute swim (all at up-tempo pace; set a goal distance for yourself and try to make it)