Swimming Set of the Week – July 1, 2011

 This week’s set includes Rocket Launchers (in honor of Independence-Day fireworks), some pulling, and a kick set grand finale.

WARMUP:  400

8 X 25 IM order once through
On each 25, before you push off, do 5 Rocket Launchers.  If you have a deep pool, streamline your arms as you launch out of the pool.  If you have a REALLY deep pool, skip the Rocket Launchers and do 15 seconds of vertical kicking (in stroke) before each 25.

PULL SET:  1200 or 1500
Four or five rounds of the following:
1 X 200 pull; count your strokes on each length so that by the end of the 200 you know your average count per 25 (this is your "N").
4 X 25 pull at "N" minus two strokes (minus three if you can manage it).  Do 4 bobs as recovery after each 25.  
Descend time on the 200s throughout the set.

13 X 50 kick with fins (25 dolphin kick on your back + 25 flutter kick on your back)
These should be up-tempo, intense kicking on short rest.  Use a sendoff that gives only 10 to 15 seconds rest.  As fatigue sets in, maintain great streamline through your arms, keep your kicks quick and small, and stay tight on your flip turns.