Swimming Set of the Week – July 15, 2011

Here’s a fun short set (approximately 1000) to help explore your arm cadence in freestyle.  You’ll need a Finis Tempo Trainer for this one.

You’ll be doing 25s on a sendoff that gives 10-15 seconds rest (approximately 30-second sendoff for yards, 30 or 35 seconds for meters).  If you absolutely need it, take an extra 5 seconds rest after every 4 X 25s to re-program your Tempo Trainer.   Fins are optional.

Start with the Tempo Trainer in Mode 1, at a cadence that allows for a nice, easy freestyle, with good extension of the hands out front and at the exit.  After every 4 X 25, increase the cadence by :05.  For example, if the TT is set at 1:20 on the first 4 X 25, increase the cadence to 1:15 on the next 4 X 25, then 1:10 on the next 4 X 25, etc.    See how long you can continue to increase your cadence.  For example, a swimmer starting at 1:20 might be able to increase the cadence to :80 or even :75 by the end of the set.   The goal is to swim 9 or 10 rounds of 4 X 25 before you can no longer maintain good technique at a fast cadence.  

Some ways to explore your stroke:
On some of the 25s, link the BEEP to your hand entry out front.

On other 25s, link the BEEP to your hand as it exits at the back.

On other 25s, link the BEEP to the elbow as it lifts out of the water for the recovery.

As the cadence increases, experiment with ‘loping," but stay true to the BEEP.

Can you still do a 6-beat kick as your cadence increases?

For inspiration, pick up a copy of Go Swim Sprint Freestyle with Roland Schoeman (great extension) or Go Swim Freestyle with Jason Lezak (explanation of video of Jason’s "loping" stroke).