03/02/04 CCB Masters 200s Plus Minus-Cycle 25s

03/02/04 CCB Masters 200s Plus Minus-Cycle 25s

400 swim your choice. Fins optional.

MAIN SET: 1800
Fast lanes swim 6 rounds. Middle lane swims 5 rounds. Slower lane swims 4 rounds of the following:

1 X 200 Free, except that 7th length of each 200 is Backstroke
Count your strokes on each length of the 200 and take your average as “N.”
4 X 25 Free at N-2 (two fewer strokes than your N)

There’s no sendoff for the 200s or 25s. Take about 5 bobs after each 200 and then start your 25s. Take 3 to 5 bobs between each 25 as recovery. Take 5 bobs after the 4th 25, then start your next 200. The 25s are an “active” recovery.

MAIN SET #2: 300
For those lanes that have time, do a 300 lungbuster with pull buoy.


Total Yardage: 2700 if you did 6 rounds and the lungbuster.