Lifeproof Waterproof iPhone Case

Sure, I’m a techy geek… but I’m not sure I’ve been more excited to run across a product than the one shown here.

When speaking to coaches and swimmers about waterproof cameras, there are many issues that come into play.  They need a camera that’s convenient to carry.  They’ need a camera that takes video you can see right away.  It would be great if they could send or upload the video easily.  And, in line with that, they need a camera that’s easy to connect to your computer to transfer the file.

Well… when my daughter started photography school, I bought her the book linked here.  The Best Camera Is the One That’s With You.  The entire book was shot with an iPhone.  Of course, I was trying to encourage her to use what she already had, so I didn’t have to buy her an expensive camera (yet).  The same goes for coaching and swimming… if you have an iPhone, you already have something that answers just about all of the above conditions… except for putting the phone under water.

The Best Camera Is The One That’s With You: iPhone Photography by Chase Jarvis (Voices That Matter)

This is one of those things that you wonder why someone hadn’t done it sooner… with the main reason being… YOU’RE PUTTING YOUR PHONE UNDER WATER!  This is a dangerous place for your phone, and whoever is creating something has to be prepared for people to call and complain that the case didn’t work, and that the phone is now ruined.  It’s a big leap of faith when a company trusts "end users" to make sure every step has been followed correctly.  I think Lifeproof is doing eveything they can.

After spending the past 20 years putting cameras under water, I can honestly say, I have NEVER taken my good, expensive, HD camera under water without first… slowly… slowly… slowly, lowering the case in at an angle that, in case I did something wrong, the water will seep in to a lower corner, protecting the camera.  This kind of care paid off when I was late getting to the pool to film Roland Schoeman.  I jumped in the water, slowly lowered the cam in, and the case immediately began filling with water.  Turns out the "O" ring had fallen off at the hotel.  If I hadn’t been careful, you wouldn’t be able to watch Roland’s beautiful freestyle because, at the time, I certainly couldn’t afford another camera.

Lifeproof understands this, and in order for you to even REGISTER your case, you have to pass a test.  At first I looked at this as a pain, but then absolutley understood.  They have to make sure YOU understand how to use this case prior to just jumping in the pool with your phone.  Test the case first, then put your phone inside, then for me… test again… THEN jump in the pool.

So here are some pictures of the case.  Can you believe it, after being in Florida for a coaches conference last week, I came home to my case, tested it, ran to the pool, and forgot… THE POOL IS EMPTY!

Next week we’ll be in San Diego at the ASCA World Conference.  I’m going to promise that next week’s drill, which may be published on Wednesday or Thursday because we’re traveling Tuesday, will be shot with the iPhone, at the hotel pool… UNDER WATER!  Watch for it.

Also… don’t forget how convenient this is going to make it to stream, show, illustrate technique from this website, along with the GoSwim iPhone app… without worrying about your phone getting wet.  Is this GREAT or what?