Al Weatherhead – Swimming Pic of the Week

Pick up Al’s book here –  The Power of Adversity: Tough Times Can Make You Stronger, Wiser, and Better

I’ve had a few opportunites to work with special individuals during my life…from Olympians, to cancer survivors, to disabled and mentally challeneged athletes.  Each has been memorable, and each has taught me far more than whatever swimming knowledge I might have shared with them.  Today I must report on one whom I always looked forward to seeing and spending time with.

My good friend Al Weatherhead passed away this week, but his life and legacy have barely begun.  There are tens of thousands of people on whom Al has had some sort of personal impact.  There are probably hundreds of thousands more who may never even know that they’ve been touched by his generosity.    Someone who is so incredibly successful in business is rarely as giving as Al was.

It wasn’t just his generosity with his wealth, but with his time, his advice, his caring for you as a person.  

I wish I could have swum a few more laps with Al, but he was one of the men, like my Father, who understood the dedication that comes with following your passion.  It was an honor to have spent any time with him, but he never would have allowed me to say that… he always made you feel like HE was honored to be around you.

Incredible how someone who deserved to have such an ego… had none.  

So many people will miss you, Al, and so many people thank you for the time you gave us.  Our thoughts and prayers go to Celia, and Al’s entire family, and extended network of people who loved him.  I feel your pain.

Please do me the favor of watching this video about Al, and you’ll get a good understanding of who he is.  I can also say that I’ve read, and re-read his book.  In the hardest times in life, he gives you hope that you can, will, and should make it through to the other side.  And, once there, you’ll be glad you went through what you did.

Chapter 10 gives much hope in its title:  There Is Always a Great Idea Lurking in Adversity… Will You Find It?

From the video, with Celia’s permission… I grabbed the frame at the top of the page.  Al’s spirit shouts out in this stroke of butterfly, and I thought it only fitting to post it here.  Enjoy Al’s smile.  You can also read a bit more about Al and Celia at this link.