Go Swim App Updates


What’s New in Version 4.6

Ready for the new stuff?

– iOS5 support and optimization
– Facebook upgrade
– Foursquare upgrade
– Native Twitter integration (iOS5 only)
– Better graphics performance on older devices (3G, iPod Touch 2nd Gen)
– High resolution loading screen
– More accurate iPod song matching
– Add photos to any comment
– Improved Ustream plugin
– Improved Livestream plugin
– Pull to refresh added to more views (shows, activity, videos, playlists)
– Ability to Load More in Top Users
– Offline Mode – ability to download all content for offline viewing
– Right-to-Left support for news and comments
– End date/time support for events
– Localized Email and SMS sharing
– Reduced file size by 4-5mb

Enjoy! More new stuff coming soon..