Main Set Wednesday – Working Streamline

Time spent working on streamline is never wasted.   

WARMUP:  400

4 X 25  Start each length by pushing off in streamline and holding streamline until after you pop to the surface.  Then swim freestyle to finish the length.

MAIN SET #1: 700
Two rounds:
2 X 50 flutter kick on your back with arms in streamline.   Take just one full stroke of backstroke on each length.

2 X 75 (25 Back + 25 Breast + 25 Free)   Count strokes on breaststroke and aim for minimum number of strokes.  Get into breaststroke streamline on each stroke!

4 X 25 Start each 25 with 3 underwater breaststroke kicks with arms in streamline, then take 3 full strokes of breaststroke.  Then swim butterfly till you reach the wall.  Try to reduce the number of butterfly strokes you have to take!

MAIN SET #2:  700
Two rounds:
1 X 150 swum as Back/Breast/Free/Back/Breast/Free.  Work the streamlines!

1 X 100 recovery-pace freestyle, working the streamline 

4 X 25  Start each length with two underwater pullouts, then finish the length with freestyle.  Try to minimize the number of freestyle strokes you have to take.

MAIN SET #3: 150
3 X 50 (one back, one breast, one free) on the tightest single sendoff you can make.  Work your streamline on the breaststroke.