Swimming Set of the Week — November 11, 2011

This week’s set is in honor of a very special Veteran’s Day:  11/11/11.  

We send a big thank you to all the men, women (and, these days, animals), who have served their country.

WARMUP:  400 choice

2 X 111-yard swims on 2:22 sendoff
Swim 111 yards (4 1/2 lengths) to mid pool where you immediately raise your arms in surrender and do shoulder exercises ("Goal Posts") until it’s time to start the next swim (111 yards).

8 X 25 with fins
Odd 25s on :30 sendoff;  Do 11 FAST underwater dolphins by midpool, then finish the length with freestyle
Even 25s on :45 sendoff:  Dolphin kick on your back with arms straight up in the air

8 X 25 with fins on :45
Odds:  3 strokes fly, then finish with freestyle.  Add 1 stroke of fly on each length.
Evens:  FAST freestyle from a dive

NAVY SET:  ???
11 swims on 1:11 sendoff, and you must incorporate AT LEAST two different distances during the set.  E.g., 2 rounds of 25, 50, 75, 100 followed by 25, 50, 75.   Another example might be 3 rounds of (2 X 75 plus 1 X FAST 50).   Or, e.g., 50, 75, 50, 75, etc.

*  Team of two in each lane.
* All swimmers start at the same time and kick 25 dolphin kick on your back with a kickboard.  
* Hop out and establish a "beach-head" with your two kickboards.
*  Both swimmers dive in and swim 25 freestyle.
*  Each two swimmers grab a med ball and complete 11 passes back and forth 
*  Both swimmers grab a pull buoy and swim Combat Side Stroke to the other end.  With the pull buoy, take shots at the kickboards until you knock them down.  If your shots miss, you need to climb out, retrieve your pull buoys, get back in, and try again.
*  You might want to try this relay twice!