Main Set Leap Year – February 29, 2012

Leap Year (and Olympics) come just once every four years.  Why not celebrate the extra day by taking a leap?  Some of the swimmers on Barbara’s Masters team are trying a 400 IM time trial.  Others are trying to see if they can make a national cutoff time, even if it takes fins to do it.  Stretch your limits…then have some fun with fast 25s…from a leap.

400 on your own
8 X 25 on :35
Odds:  1/1/1 Butterfly
Evens:  Backstroke, start with at least 2 underwater dolphins

MAIN SET #1:  450
6 X 75 Back/Breast/Free on 1:30; fins optional
#1:  Push the Backstroke
#2:  Push the Breaststroke
#3:  Push the Freestyle
Focus:  Eyes down and body horizontal on the approach for the open turns.
Focus:  Keep head low to the water on transition turns.

Your choice of 400 IM, 400 Free, or 4 X 100 on a tight sendoff.
Or…swim any event you’d like, and see how close you come to a national cutoff time for your age group.
Choice of stroke and equipment.

200 easy recovery

MAIN SET #3:  750
29 X 25 on :30 and 1:00
#1 and #2 are on :30.  
#3 and #4 are on :45.
#4 starts from out of the water and from a JUMP (feet first)…and is FAST.
Repeat 1-4 until you get to #29, which is from a dive and is REALLY FAST.