Swimming Set of the Week – March 16, 2012

Freestyle technique is your focus in the first half of the set.  Putting that technique into practice with a classic 10 X 100 is your focus on the second half.    If you’re a GoSwimtv.com subscriber, check out the suggested links to watch elite swimmers demonstrate the technique you’re trying to achieve.

2 X 150 choice of fins or pull buoy.  Don’t worry about speed.  Focus on keeping your jaw relaxed and your breathing relaxed.  Don’t hold your breath.  No huge explosion of air.  Try for a relaxed, steady exhale of air.  

4 X 75 (fins optional).  Each 75 is:
25 flutter on your back (3 kicks per side; quick rotation) + 50 freestyle with a 6-beat kick

6 X 50 with fins or pull buoy.  First 25 of each 50 is half a length EVF dogpaddle + half a length freestyle with high-elbow catch.  Second 25 is freestyle with high-elbow catch.

8 X 25 your choice of fins, pull buoy, or naked feet
Try to keep one goggle in the water during the breath.

MAIN SET:  1000
10 X 100
Use this classic set to zero in on your threshold sendoff, the shortest sendoff you could hold for 10 or more 100s.  Pick just one focus point from earlier as your main focus.