03/09/04 CCB Masters Thinking About Stuff

03/09/04 CCB Masters Thinking About Stuff

I wanted to create a practice today that would incorporate all different distances — from 400 down to 25s — but that would be more about THINKING and EXPERIMENTING than about intervals. Most of the drills that I mention can be found on Go Swim Freestyle and Backstroke Drills.

400 warmup your choice. Fins optional.

MAIN SET: 2000
1 X 400 with fins, swum as 3 X (50 SA drill + 50 LA drill) + 100 Free
Make it head-lead drills on the first 2 X 50, hand-lead drills on the second 2 X 50, and combo drills on the third 2 X 50.
4 X 100 Free with fins.
1 & 3: 25 Thumb Drag + 25 Thumb Drag + 25 Low-Hand Recovery + 25 Overhand Recovery
2 + 4: 25 Extended Release + 25 Short Release + 25 Extended Release + 25 Regular Freestyle

1 X 300 Freestyle Lungbuster with pull buoy.
Breathe as often as you want on all odd lengths. On first 100, breathe every 3 on evens. On second 100, breathe every 5 on evens. On third 100, breathe every 7 on evens.
Think about how your toes and your head position affect the way you move through the water. Try to super-point your toes. Try to look at the bottom of the pool and keep your head low.
3 X 75, swum as FL/BK/BR BK/BR/FR FL/BK/BR BK/BR/FR
Think about pointing your toes on each of the different strokes.

1 X 200 Freestyle for time. This is not an all-out sprint. It should be simply a strong swim. The group was turning in times that were :15 to :20 faster than their 200 pace time for a T-15.
4 X 50 Free/Choice @ :20 RI
First one is easy recovery from the 200, then pick up the pace. Focus on what your feet are doing during the turn.

1 X 100 with fins. Make this your choice of drills, but do the drills in IM order.
4 X 25 Freestyle with fins. Try to relax and breathe just once per 25.

100 EZ warmdown

Total Yardage: 2500