Main Set Tuesday – Backyard Pool

Training for LCM in the BYP (BackYard Pool).

Air Temp:  52
Water Temp:  86

5 minutes retrieving leaves off bottom of pool
10 lengths (13 yards/length) freestyle with flip turns and trying to maintain 5 strokes/length

Everything is done while swimming against a stationary tether and while using a FINIS Swimmer’s Snorkel.

5 minutes sculling, various positions, using pull buoy for flotation

10 X:
50 seconds freestyle pull with pull buoy + 10 seconds rest

45 seconds flutter kick + 15 seconds rest
Used a kickboard and snorkel.

10 X:
30 seconds eggbeater kick + 15 seconds fast-cadence breaststroke kick + 15 seconds rest 
Used a kickboard and snorkel for this one.

10 lengths freestyle with flip turns, trying to maintain 5 strokes/length

10 lengths breaststroke with pullout and 2 strokes/length