Main Set Friday – Kick Sets and Aquatic Triathlon

MAIN SET: 2000
6 X 50 (25 freestyle + 25 backstroke); minimum of two underwater dolphin kicks off each wall

6 X 50 flutter kick on your back with arms in streamline; no fins!

6 X 50 kick on your back with fins (25 dolphin + 25 flutter) on the fastest sendoff/turnaround you can manage.  These should be VERY fast 50s!  

100 easy pull recovery

Repeat all of the above.

Time yourself for the entire event.
Swim:  Put on a T-shirt.  Dive in and swim a 50.  Hop out, remove T-shirt, and put on your bike "helmet" (we used water-polo caps as our helmets).  Get back in the water to begin your bike segment.
Bike:  Wearing "helmet," and while holding arms in the "aero-bar" position, kick a 50.  Use any type of kick you want.  Hop out, remove helmet, and put on an aqua-jogger belt.  Get back in the water to begin your run segment.

Run:  Aqua-jog for a 50.