03/12/04/ Breaststroke Fin Set and Kick Set — 20Yard Pool

03/12/04 Breaststroke Fin Set and Kick Set — 20-Yard Pool

With fins.
Alternate 40 SA drill/40 LA drill/20 Free/20 Back for 600 yards.

MAIN SET: 1940
Swim three rounds of the following. This is a breaststroke set. The 120s are with fins. My focus on the 120s was EYES DOWN UNDER — making sure I was looking directly at the tiles when I wasn’t breathing. This pool is a constant 4 feet deep, which makes this a good focus point for this pool.

4 X 120, alternating 20 Underwater Breast with Dolphin Kick and 20 Body-Dolphin Breast
4 X 40 Breast kick with 5 Rocket Launchers before each 40 (Odd 40s are with a board; even 40s are head-lead on your back with a pull buoy.)

Round #1: Wear fistgloves and fins on the 120s.

Round #2: Nekked hands (plus fins) on the 120s.

Round #3: Wear paddles and fins on the 120s.

120 EZ free and back

Total Yardage: 2660