Main Set Thursday – Count Your Strokes!

Inspired by Glenn’s recent stroke-counting set, we decided to do some stroke counting with the masters in Vermont today.  

Counting strokes can be distracting and difficult at first, but after a week or two it will become a quiet little voice in your head during every practice — kind of like the speedometer or tachometer in your car…and as important to effective swimming as those two dashboard displays are to effective driving.

MAIN SET:  1750
**SCY Pool**
12 X 50 choice (but do the same thing for at least 3 X 50 in a row) on a sendoff that gives 15-20 seconds rest.  
Count your strokes for the entire 50.
Every 3rd 50 is up tempo, but your stroke count must remain the same.

50 recovery

6 X 125 choice (but do the same thing throughout; IM with an extra length of freestyle was a popular choice with our masters) on a sendoff that gives 20-30 seconds rest.  Count strokes on ALL lengths.  Descend time 1-3 and 4-6, but try not to add any strokes to get your descend.  At maximum…add 2 strokes per 125 to get each descend.

50 recovery

4 X 25 choice on :40 (but do the same stroke throughout)
Count strokes and add one stroke each 25.  Be aware of your time on the final two 25s.
100 easy recovery
4 X 25 on :40
Start at your highest stroke count from the initial 4 X 25.  Take off one stroke per 25 but keep your time the same.