Swimming Set of the Week – October 26, 2012

If you’re not swimming FAST at practice, you should be THINKING at practice.  This week’s set is a thinking set, requiring focus and core control.

The set is really 3 short sets in breaststroke, backstroke, and freestyle.  Choose generous sendoffs so that you can be mentally fresh for each swim, and so that Coach has time to give feedback.

4 X 50 (25 breaststroke separation drill + 25 breaststroke)

4 X 50 (25 breaststroke separation drill + 25 freestyle)

Four rounds of the following (fins optional):
1 X 50 flutter kick on your back with only your nose and mouth above water (goggles are under water)
1 X 100 (50 of 2 Left / 2 Right backstroke + 50 backstroke); goal is to show BOTH shoulders on every stroke.  Get out of your comfort zone and rotate!

Five rounds of the following:
1 X 50 pull with pull buoy at ankles
1 X 100 freestyle, using the core to stabilize your body.  Focus on swimming straight with no wobble in your body.