Main Set Thursday – End of the World Workout

I send out an email each day to the noon masters group with an idea of what we’re doing that day.  Here’s the text copy of that email:

"Today’s set, since it is the last day of earth, will be a set of 25s.  Make sure you’re in a lane with people you like.
We’ll go 10 x 25s, and at the end of each length, find someone, give them a hug, and say goodbye.
For the second set of 25s… make sure you’re in a lane with someone you don’t like.
We’ll go 10 x 25s on the 2:00 and after each length, pick out someone and air your grievances with them (ala Festivus) 
Other than that… I really have no plans for today… cause does it really matter anyway?  😉
See you at noon!"

While it wasn’t exactly what we did, as I’m still just a tad skeptical that we WON’T have practice tomorrow, and just in case, I thought some people may regret what they said to their lanemates.  So, I had a backup plan in place.

I wanted to make sure everyone got a little bit of everything, and remembered this workout for the rest of their lives, or at least until tomorrow’s.

Main Set (short course yards):
Repeat this series 4 times – 
 – 100 IM on 1:30 (you get to swim all four strokes)
 – 200 kick on 3:30 (have to experience a little legs only)
 – 2 x 100 IM on 1:30 (all strokes just a bit more)
 – 200 pull on 3:30 using the kick board (isolate the arms, and get a little uncomfortable trying to hold the board there)
 – 100 drill of your choice on 2:00 (you could even choose a drill you’ve never done before and were afraid to try… who’s gonna remember?)

It turned out to be a good practice, with about 3,500 yards in 60 minutes.  Nice job everyone.