Swimming Set of the Week – December 28, 2012

Short and sweet for our last set of the year.  

This was at the tail end of a longer main set, but it could be used as a stand-alone 400-yard mini set at any point in a workout.  It will get your legs and lungs buzzing.   Maintain your intensity all the way through on the 25s.

4 X 25 kick (choice) FAST on :40 sendoff/turnaround

100 easy recovery

8 X 25 kick (choice) FAST on :40
#1 and #2:  use a kickboard
#3 and #4:  kick on your back
#5 and #6:  kick under water for as much of the length as possible (take a breath in the middle if necessary)
#7 and #8:  use a kickboard