Swimming Set of the Week – January 4, 2013

This week’s set is adapted from a set that Glenn posted exactly 5 years ago.   It’s a fun set because it keeps everyone on the same sendoff and it requires some math skills (always challenging at an early morning practice).   The set starts out very easy, and ends up being very hard.

Everyone does the set together.  Start with no equipment.  When you think you can no longer make the sendoff, put on fins and keep going.  When you can no longer make the sendoff with fins, substitute 4 X 25 for the 3 X 50, but do the 25s on the same sendoff as those swimmers doing 50s.  

Take 20 to 60 seconds between rounds to regroup and change equipment if necessary.  You’ll want a little more rest between rounds as the set progresses.

3 X 50 on 1:03
3 X 50 on 1:00
3 X 50 on :57
3 X 50 on :54
3 X 50 on :50
3 X 50 on :47
3 X 50 on :44
3 X 50 on :40
3 X 50 on :37
3 X 50 on :34
3 X 50 on :30
3 X 50 on :27
Etc., until no one can make the sendoffs doing 50s or 25s.

The goal of the set is to take it as far as you can before "failure."   The goal is not to see how fast you can swim when you’re on a 1:03 sendoff/turnaround.  So…preplan and pace yourself throughout the set and within each round.